screen printing

Similar to an art canvas, screen printing consists of colored plasticized inks to be painted directly onto your apparel of choice. customers can choose as many as eight colors to be used in this process.

Screenprinting is...

  • Not an exact science
  • Best for vibrant designs
  • Good for orders over 13 pieces
  • Manually handled


Embroidering your logo or message will create unique dimension on your apparel of choice. pick a neutral tone or make your design stand out with a bright colored thread. after you’ve chosen your thread, the image will be stitched right onto your garment.

Professional embroidery machines are driven by computers that read digitized embroidery files created by special software.  Lemon Tee Shop will help make your logo or design into the right type of file for embroidery and provide you with a proof before applying to any garment!  Embroidery can be done on as few as 5 pieces, with up to 7 thread colors.


Using heat transfer vinyl is a great option for adding lettering, simple 1 or 2 color logos/images, or decorations to your garment.  Vinyl is typically used for small orders of <13 garments where screening isn't cost effective

Vinyl is great for personalization, and makes ordering your team apparel a breeze, whether you’re adding names, team member numbers and more!

Vinyl is applied using a commercial heat press set to the specific temperature and pressure settings needed for the type of vinyl and apparel being used.  

There are a variety of colors available, even metallics, and glitter options.




Not only does Lemon Tee specialize in branded apparel, we also specialize in putting ink on paper and in design!  With some of the hippest and most unique designs, we are happy to help you with everything from logos to wedding announcements!

  • Custom Graduation Announcements
  • Custom Wedding Announcements
  • Custom Holiday Cards
  • Custom Baby Announcements
  • Custom Stationery
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